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Yesterday I played a little game with my kids.  We all sat at the table with blank drawing papers and markers, and I named something I wanted us all to draw.  Then after we were done, I had the pleasure of seeing each drawing from each individual perspective.

I am not good at drawing, but I loved this little experience!  Here is a glimpse into this time with my kids...

I said: Draw a farm and some farm animals.

Madi drew this charming little red barn and used her hand to make that cute little turkey!

Laugh if you must (I warned you I couldn't draw), but I tried to depict a barn, silo, wheat, and other various farm things.  Madi asked if that was a little man in the window...it was supposed to be a chicken...

And evidently Trev did not feel like drawing a farm, because he announced that he had drawn a traffic jam instead.  That made me smile.  Three year old boys are so funny.

I said: Draw what you would see under the sea.

Madi drew this, making sure to clarify that even though the middle creature looks like a mermaid, it's actually a fish.  Got it.

I drew this.  Madi thought it was beautiful.  

And Trev...well, Trev drew this.  Now try to tell me that's not the coolest fish ever.

One of the definitions of perspective is "point of view."  I had a blast seeing life from the point of view of my 5 and 3 year old, and was reminded that taking the time to see life from others' perspectives can be a valuable experience.  Actually, we should probably all try to do this a little more often!

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