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Same Kind of Different

I have been meaning to write this blog entry for months now.

I love to read.  Of course I was an English major in college.  I taught middle school English for a few months.  And I was a school librarian and middle school vocabulary teacher for a year.  So reading sort of comes with the territory.

However, I have loved to read since I was a very young girl and am thankful for the way books have expanded my thinking and impacted my life.  And I am extremely thankful that my cousin gave me a particular book this past Christmas that transformed a piece of my heart.

The book Same Kind of Different As Me is written by two authors who tell the incredible true story of how their lives became intertwined.  One of the authors was a wealthy, elite art dealer when he met the other author, who was a homeless man whose story of growing up in virtual slavery will knock you off your feet. It is a gritty, honest, and raw story.  The honesty and authenticity is definitely part of what drew me into this memoir.  I love real.  And the real lessons they learned from each other and from an unbelievable godly woman with a compassionate heart made me cry, made me hurt, made me consider.  

A lesson that has stuck with me is that true love gives with expectations of nothing in return, which is admittedly a challenge, especially in a very self-centered society.  I am trying to work on this kind of love, and it is hard.  But in reality, it's a picture of Jesus.  And I want to be like Him.

I loved the book so much I bought the sequel What Difference Do It Make?, which further explores the idea of how far compassion and giving can go.

If you are looking for a worthwhile read I would encourage you to check out Same Kind of Different As Me.  The story is both fascinating and gripping and the message, which may make you feel uncomfortable at times, holds the potential to change, expand, and transform.

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