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The Wheels On the Bus...

Being our last Saturday before Madi starts kindergarten, I wanted to do something special with her as we anticipate this big day!  I did a few simple things to celebrate this milestone in her life and have some mommy-daughter fun...

First, I decorated the tree in our kitchen as a "Back to School" tree.

Second, in keeping with my love for aprons, I made the world's easiest aprons using iron on appliques and aprons purchased from Michael's (using my 40% off coupons of course!).  These are the "I can't sew" versions of homemade aprons!

Then I baked two loaves of pumpkin spice bread and set to work helping my daughter use them to make a School Bus Cake.  We had watched a little video about making one of these via an email I received from Disney Family, and she had been wanting to make it for weeks!  Interestingly, she remembered all the details about the directions and instructions.  I was impressed! 

I love to celebrate, and our first year of school is a big reason to do so!  As we worked on this little cake I remembered how "The Wheels On the Bus" was one of the first songs we taught her as a little toddler, and can still picture her doing the motions and singing in that baby voice.  Those baby days have come and gone, and I am thankful for every moment I have been blessed to share with this little girl, and for the time I have chosen to invest into her life up to this point.  Any moms of babies and toddlers reading this, hang in there - even in the frustration and exhaustion, invest as much time as you can.  Because they were right, it goes so fast. I am sure sending her off Monday will be both exciting and emotional, and I will keep you updated on how things go...please keep us in your prayers!

Love to all.

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