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My Sweet Husband

A few weeks ago, my sweet husband left to drop Madi off at school and came home with these... 

He said they were for all the work I had been doing to prepare our daughter for starting kindergarten. I found that acknowledgement so thoughtful and loving.

A few days ago, I opened my facebook page to find this message in my inbox. The subject line read, "I love you..."

Hey Sweetheart,

I Love you so much! And I am very thankful for you! You mean so much to me! I just needed to remind you!


This very simple note of love and thankfulness came out of nowhere, and actually took me aback.  He sent it in the middle of a busy school week after a night at youth group and a morning of discussing a worship set.  In the middle of the ordinary, I received an extraordinary gift thanks to him stopping to take a minute once again for acknowledgement and gratitude.

I am blessed have a husband like this.

Thank you, Jimmy.  
I love and respect you more and more each day.

And I am very, very thankful for you.

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