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Now That's A Good Friend Right There!

Well, my pal Nanette knew of my stuffy head.  And she also knows what this feels like. So this morning, she stopped by and dropped off something for me.  She brought me (are you ready for this?)...a neti pot.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, don't worry, I didn't either until recently.  A neti pot is a small contraption that looks like a genie's lamp and is used to completely clear out and cleanse the sinus passages.  I won't go into details on how because it is rather gross, but I've heard people rave about them and so had my friend, so she went to CVS and bought me one, as well as a pack of saline refills.

Now that's a good friend right there!!

As soon as she left, I tried it.  And sparing you the details, let me just tell you I can see how that thing will cure what ails you! Wow.  I've used it three times today.  My husband used it once and practically blew saline solution out of his ears.  I'm pretty sure he did something wrong.

But I must say, I can tell a difference from that crazy contraption!

Whenever I have a head cold or bad sinus problems, I crave Mexican food.  Actually, I crave Mexican food almost daily...but I really crave it when my sinuses are stuffed up, so this afternoon I made a big old batch of homemade salsa and we had nachos for dinner.  It was good, though I didn't get the full effect I was hoping for from the salsa - I think I should have added a few more jalapenos!!  But it sure was tasty.

After dinner, we bathed the kids and then watched the old Disney movie "That Darn Cat" together.  I feel a need to expose my husband and kids to all the old Hayley Mills movies I grew up watching, and it was hilarious to listen to my kids belly laughing at the funny parts!!  And may I just say, the fashion in that movie was fabulous! And Dean Jones really was quite dashing in his day, wasn't he?

It was a low key, stay at home Saturday.  I am about to turn in and wind down so I will be refreshed for worship tomorrow morning.

But first, I think I may use my neti pot one more time...thanks, Nanette!    :)

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