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Regifting! You'll Want to Read This Post!

Okay, don't judge me, but I'm a big fan of regifting. I'm also incredibly careful to make every effort to not hurt people's feelings, so if you're wondering if I've ever regifted something you've given me, I probably haven't. Duplicates though? Oh, yes. Things I have gently used and would like to pass along to bless someone else? Absolutely. Clearly, I have at least one friend in the same camp. ;)

Last week, I gave away the book "Same Kind of Different As Me." The random number generator selected my dearest friend Micah as the winner. I delivered the book to her Saturday night and she IM'd me today to let me know that she had finished it, she had cried, and she would like to bring someone else to the same level of emotion. haha Okay, she didn't really phrase it that way, but she enjoyed the book and would like to pass it on.

SO ... if you entered to win in THIS post, you're already entered in the great "Same Kind of Different as Me" Second Chance Giveaway. If you DIDN'T already enter, you have a second chance now! I'll leave comments open until Thursday night and will select a winner Friday morning. Just leave a comment to be entered (and make sure I have a way to get in touch with you).

Same as always - if you're local, either Micah or I will deliver it to you. If you're not local, one of us will ship it to you. Feel free to share the giveaway with friends. :) This book will be a huge blessing to you, I just know it!

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