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That's What Special Girls Do

My "wittle" buddy got a fever out of the blue last night and put himself to bed.  Since it came out of nowhere and he had no other symptoms, I wasn't sure what to think.  I gave him Motrin and he slept comfortably, and when I checked on him his head and pajama shirt were wet as he had sweated off his fever.  This morning my mom came before dark to sit with the kids while my husband and I went to make our See You At The Pole rounds (an awesome way to start a morning may I add).  When we got back my "wittle" buddy was sweet and happy as he was last night, but warm...and the fever soon returned.  Again, no other symptoms.

So today was quiet around here.  I was the DVD changer and the juice giver, the comfy snuggler and the washcloth wiper.  I positioned pillows and straightened blankets and wiped away tears as his fever was trying to break once again and he sobbed for me to come "make him happy."  I kissed his hot forehead and cleansed his warm hands and tried to make him comfortable, just like my mom used to do for me.

Thanks to the magic of Motrin, his fever is down and he is actually up playing for the moment.  We'll see what happens in a few hours when it wears off.  But if it spikes I would do everything I could once more to make a sick boy happy all over again.  You see, the other night when I was tucking him in, he told me twice that I was his "special girl."  I know.  My heart melted too.  He has that way about him.

So giving him every ounce of love and tenderness possible....well, that's just what "special girls" do for their loving, tender, and very special boys.

Thank you God for the gift of motherhood.  It is a joy to serve my family.

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