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Welcome, Sweet September

I have a confession.  August is my least favorite month.  It has pretty much always been.  Ironically, sometimes it is in August that we may finally get away for a day or two once graduation season and VBS and camps and mission trips and all the other things that ministry wives do during the summer are over.

But it is usually a long, hot month that drags on.  And while we did get a blessed two days away this August and there were certainly great family moments,  I must say this August was no exception...it was long, hot, and dragged on.

However, last Wednesday September came and it started with a precious moment that I just have to share with you!  I found out while picking up my daughter at school the day before that on the first Wednesday of each month they have prayer at the flagpole at 7:25 before the school day starts.  This is obviously completely voluntary as it is a public school, but how cool is that?  I was thrilled to hear this news and our family got up even earlier than we have been and rushed out the door to make it for prayer.

When we got to the flagpole we joined a group of about 20 teachers, parents, and students.  We held hands and everyone had the chance to pray if they so chose.  Being that most of the students were young, none of them prayed, but the parents and teachers did.  When it got to our family my husband prayed, and then I looked down at my 3 year old son and quietly asked him if he would like to pray.  He confidently said yes, and then sort of took a step or two forward.

And then he prayed, and not just prayed, but prayed with authority!  I am not kidding, that little guy spoke clearly and loudly and boldly, thanking God for his "whole wife" (life) and his Mommy, Daddy, and Madi.  He prayed for the "bwood bwister" that he got on his foot, and prayed for everything that was on his heart until he closed with, "In Jesus' name we pray, Amen."

Of course, at this point I am crying, along with several of the moms and teachers.  The lead kindergarten teacher jokingly said she was going to have to go redo her makeup as she had cried it off, and she and several others came up to Trevor and told them how proud they were of him for being so bold in praying.

I think we were all inspired by his innocent sincerity and bold confidence.  I mean, he is three.  But he was the only child who prayed, and did so without a second thought.  He had no reason in his mind not to pray in front of this school to the Jesus he loves.

I want to be like that.

So that is how I welcomed September!  I've always loved September, with it's promise of a new school year and all the excitement that brings.  I love that it means that fall is near, and Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon follow.  I love the starting of a new year of youth group, a season of football games and homecoming fun with students, and church and community fellowship and outreach.

But the sincere prayers of my young son in front of my daughter's new school gave me hope for a very sweet September.  God, I pray over this month and ask that You pour out Your blessings in our lives, and help us to live each of its days for You.

And help us all to have the bold sincerity of a three year old boy who prayed in Your name with his whole heart on the very first day of September.

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