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Chewing Coffee

So earlier today I was on a power errands run for an upcoming event at our church.  My "wittle" buddy was with me and we were blazing through stores like maniacs.  Around 1:15 I realized that the banana and yogurt I had for breakfast hours before had definitely worn off, and I was starving.  I was in Target, the extra awesome kind of Target that has a Starbucks in the front, and I decided to treat myself to my favorite fall drink, a pumpkin spice latte.

But not just any pumpkin spice latte.

I had heard people mention this thing about adding protein powder to their coffee drinks to power them up a bit.  So I had the bright idea to ask for mine with protein powder, so that it would be more filling and get me through my last stop and the 20 minute drive home.  Seemed like a great solution to my hunger pains and also seemed, I don't know, so modern.  "Tall, nonfat, pumpkin spice latte with protein powder and light whip.  Why yes, I'm a cool, sophisticated mom on the go.  Yes, that will be just perfect."

Trouble is, I found out that adding protein powder makes it feel like you are chewing coffee, and basically ruins a perfectly good pumpkin spice latte.  After giving it my best efforts I gave up and decided that any future splurges on a psl will not involve powder of any kind.  Glad that life lesson only cost $4 to learn.

I made my light-headed way through my last stop then thankfully passed some Golden Arches where I got myself a cheeseburger which, though definitely not modern, cool, or sophisticated, sure hit the spot!


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