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Not Me Monday

Okay, so mckmama isn't doing "Not Me Monday" anymore. It isn't me who is sad about that. Someone around here has been doing all kinds of stuff, but it isn't me. I just need to share.

I am absolutely not freaking out about getting off our schedule and then realizing that we have extra things to do both today and Tuesday this week. I did not sit and try to figure out how to squeeze some extra work in, and even briefly consider some schoolwork on Saturday to make it all work. That was absolutely not me, I would never consider schoolwork on a Saturday! (For what it's worth, that idea was heartily rejected by every single person in this house. Even the cats looked at me and sadly shook their heads as if wondering what in the heck I was thinking even pondering an idea such as that. Judged by cats. Sigh. Glad that wasn't me.)

It does not bother me at all to end a week on a lesson that does not end with a 5 or a 0. Like having the last spelling day of a unit not finished on a Friday. Nope, doesn't drive me crazy at all. Not one little bit. Not for a second would I wake up bothered by it, and not at all would I make plans to try to squeeze in that one lesson. I probably wouldn't just decide to skip it either to make the next week work well. I'm not that OCD, so it couldn't possibly be me who does that.

(or maybe it was a little bit me. This is a cry for help, friends. Someone please help me and tell me the world will not spin off its axis if we end the week on lesson 49.)

The little one just had his tonsils out on Thursday. I have not at all used the excuse that the little one isn't eating and needs nourishment to justify going to Starbucks ... um ... a few times. Because everybody knows that the very best thing for a five year old after a tonsillectomy is coffee, right? Put down that phone; no need to call CPS. He drinks hot chocolate with a little ice. Or he would. IF I went to Starbucks. Which I didn't. Several times.

This week the grouchy mom who sometimes lives at my house did not return. I did not even once need to hide in the bathroom for an attitude adjustment. I also did not send out a plea for chocolate via my blog. Nor did I get some chocolate and DEVOUR it. Nor did I hide it so that I wouldn't have to share with the little vultures ... um ... sweet cherubs ... that live here.

So, there is all the stuff that I didn't do this week. What didn't you do? If there's anything you didn't do, leave a comment so we can go over and laugh at you ... um, I mean commiserate.

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