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One of the Best Deals of My Life!

So, you all know my affection for good deals, and how my whole life has involved creativity and living on a budget.  It's been necessary, but it's also been a fun challenge.  I like clothes (a lot) and have a pretty packed closet thanks to four things:

1) I choose a lot of classics that I wear foreverrrr.  I still have several things from college that I wear, and lots from the early 2000's.

2) I'm not wrapped up in name brands.  I will shop anywhere.

3) I get a few nicer, higher priced items a year as gifts for Christmas or my birthday that hold up well and last a long time.

4) The majority of what I buy is off of clearance racks and prices range from $3 to $15.

When it comes to clothes (and many things actually) I am a "variety is the spice of life" kind of girl. Because of these four factors and creative mixing and matching of clothing pieces and accessories, I get to enjoy my little clothes hobby.  I could take you through my closet and show you item after item that I got for under $10.00.  But the other day I got one of the best deals of my life, and I have got to share it with you!

I was celebrating my friend Liz's birthday - she wanted to go to her favorite wing place, and then to some outlets.  Sounded perfect to me! We had a ball!  While in the Coldwater Creek outlet, I saw a rack of belted of shirtdresses with a sign for $5.99, then another sign for an additional 40% off.  Sure enough, when my dress and belt rang up, the grand total for both was (are you ready for this)...


Liz and I were cracking up at the register, and I had that happy rush that I get from deal finding!  Liz  actually found two dresses for $2.99 apiece, and we both found gorgeous leather belts that were originally around $40 for $1.99.  Then at a shoe outlet, we both found adorable plaid fall flats for $7.00. They are actually perfect for this little dress!

A dress, belt, and shoes for around $10.00, topped off with the best buffalo wings I've ever had and fun with friends. Such a great day! 

Happy Birthday to Liz and Happy Deal Finding to you!

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