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Remember this post? The one where I was struggling with a decision as to whether a certain TV show was appropriate or not for my children? And I decided that it wasn't? To much weeping and gnashing of teeth? And a child not speaking to me? And even sending me texts to tell me she wasn't speaking to me, in case I didn't notice?

We have progress, my friends!!

Last night I was given a list by one daughter of her friends who are allowed to see this show. I looked it over and said "that's nice" or something like that. Then the other daughter stepped in and said "hey, mom said she doesn't feel like that show is appropriate for us, and whether we like it or not, that's the rule." Awesome.

But want to know the REALLY awesome part?

The roles were reversed. It was the middle one who brought me the list, and the oldest one who was the voice of reason. To be honest, I don't think the middle one every actually saw the show. LOL She just doesn't want to miss out. ;)

That is not to say at all that there won't be a fit thrown at some point or other about it this week, but for now? Progress! WOOHOO!!

And again -- if you know the show I'm talking about and feel like it's fine for your children, that is FINE with me! I am not judging you!! I know an area where one of my children will have some especially sensitive nerves, and I know that this show will step on those nerves. It's a disputable matter, and not worth offending or being offended over. :) I am just delighted that at least one of my children is getting it that it's not just me wanting her to not have any fun!

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