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The No Good Horrible Very Bad Day

Ya know, I'd love to have that book again. I remember reading it as a kid and would like to read it again. There was another one I read over and over too - The Hating Book I think it was called. "I hate hate hated my friend!" Oh how I loved both of those books!

So, yesterday was one of those terrible horrible no good very bad days. And not for any specific reason either. I woke up grumpy. It was a bad hair day. It was cold then it was too hot. The girls were bickering over things that just. don't. matter. I hurt a friend's feelings because I told her something that she was dealing with didn't matter, when clearly it did to her. AND, I spent a long time in the car shuffling kids back and forth.

Not a single one of those things is terribly bad, but by the end of the day, I was ready to kick a puppy. Thankfully there aren't any puppies handy around here, so nobody needs to call PETA or anything.

The thing though? There is some big stuff going on. Serious stuff. That's not what's pushing me over the edge. It's the Cootie game leg left out and the fact that nobody but me knows the great secret of putting toilet paper on the roll.

why? WHY? Why am I endangering puppies over toilet paper?

Today. Today is going to be a happier day. :) I just know it. :) Or maybe it won't be, but I'm going to try my very best to make my attitude better. The puppy population of the world will thank me.

(And since I have your attention, how do you get out of an attitude when it is overtaking your life?)

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