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We're Field Trippin'

We don't do a ton of field trips. I've found it's very difficult to do a field trip in which both the oldest and the youngest have a good time. Either the oldest is bored or the youngest is climbing the walls. The middlest is pretty happy doing anything outside of the house, so at least it's good to have one who is easy to please!

I shoot for a field trip about once a month, and that seems to work well for us. :)

For our first field trip of the school year, we went to Millard's Crossing in Nacogdoches. We all had so much fun! The kids all had friends with us, which made it even more fun. Millard's Crossing is a pioneer village with a lot of hands on activities.

First we learned about some tools used around the house in the olden days.

Then we went to an old schoolroom where we were reprimanded for having long fingernails. LOL The girls put on their bonnets and the boys put on their straw hats. They got to write with quill pens as they learned their lessons.

Then it was time for our chores to begin. We went to the corn storage and pulled kernels off the cobb. They did it by hand at first, then our guide, Mrs. Roz, showed us this nifty cool tool that we could buy from the Sears Roebuck catalog for $2 to make it so much easier.

Mrs. Roz told us that since we couldn't go to Target to buy toys that we had to make do with what we had. Among other uses for corn cobs ;) there were darts made from them. We had a little contest throwing the corn cob darts. I'll brag on my husband a bit ... he beat ALL of the six year olds (okay, and everybody else as well)! :-P And isn't he just ROCKING the purse? He's going to be so delighted with me posting this picture.

Then it was time for the playing to end and the rest of the choring to begin. We needed to plow a field.

And then it was time to plant.

Finally all of our lessons were learned and our chores were done, so the kids could just sit and relax.

This was SUCH a fun field trip! :) I'm glad we went! Stay tuned, our next field trip is coming up in a couple of weeks. We're going to the Renaissance Festival!

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