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1000 Gifts - 11-20

holy experience

11. Having a fun family day on Tuesday, when we went to the Renaissance Festival.

12. The gorgeous flowers Jim gave me on Monday to celebrate our 14th anniversary (which was actually Tuesday, but we were gone all day on Tuesday.)

13. Giving myself permission to take a very easy week as far as school goes. We decided to do our Heart of Dakota curriculum and nothing else this week, and it's been nice!

14. The UTI has left the building.

15. My copy of Toy Story 3 should be here tomorrow.

16. The fall/winter clothes have been pulled out and sorted for the middle child. Hers are always the hardest because she grows slowly, so we have to try on stuff from last year, plus there are always hand-me-downs from big sister.

17. Aforementioned hand-me-downs from big sister cuts my shopping by 1/3.

18. Passing the homeschool mantle to my dear husband for tomorrow while I go out of town - ALONE - overnight.

19. Pulling three pairs of jeans out of the "someday" bin and discovering that someday is today because they fit!

20. All of the halloween candy is now out of my house! (Nope, not saying where it went, but at least it's no longer here to tempt me.)

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