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1000 Gifts - 21 - 30

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This has been a pretty tough week. There have been some fabulous blessings along the way though, and for that, I am so thankful.

21. for M D Anderson Cancer center, where I spent a good part of the day last Friday with my mom. Stressful indeed, but we did eek out a few giggles too. Poor ... um, was it Marshall? I'm sorry that you were the source of the giggles, but grateful that you were able to distract our minds a little.

22. for something close to resolution in a situation with a friend.

23. for my Bible study, Breaking Free. I went in Sunday night with questions that were directly and specifically answered through the video. Not only that - the one specific question that she did not answer, but left me to mull over this week was addressed again in yesterday's homework. (To that end - Rest, part 2 will be appearing next week, as I process my thoughts.)

24. for girls who took me seriously when I "gently" suggested that they clean their room. (You know, gently with veins popping out all over my forehead.)

25. for friends who call and say "hey, can I come grab your son and take him to McDonald's with us?"

26. for husbands who take a load of six loud girls ages 9 - 12 to choir.

27. for a quiet house for a couple of hours, just long enough for me to refresh and feel renewed.

28. for a mistake I made on Thursday, which allowed me an hour of uninterrupted time with one of my kids.

29. for sticky chicken.

30. for Tums because my stomach didn't love the sticky chicken quite as much as my mouth did.

(Yes, I'm aware that the button and most people do the gratitude day on Monday. I might switch mine at some point, but for now it just works better to do it on Friday.) :)

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