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1000 Gifts - 31 - 40

holy experience

31.  For a really nice Thanksgiving spent with family.

32.  For silly girls who want to show off everything they have learned at dance this year. 

33.  For mashed potatoes.

34.  For cats who provide just the right amount of warmth and snuggling on cold days.

35.  For being able to find a great deal online for someone's "something they want" and being able to avoid Black Friday shopping altogether.

36.  For being able to eat well but not completely gorge myself yesterday.  ;)

37.  For green beans in the dishwasher, which really isn't the best place for them, but gave us quite a few giggles yesterday.

38.  For my niece, who spent the first part of the week with us.  The three girls all got along very well the entire time, and I am just thankful that my nieces (and nephews) enjoy coming to hang out with us.

39.  For raspberry thumbprint cookies.

40.  For the beginning of the Christmas season, and renewed focus on what it's really about, and for very high hopes for each one of us to experience the JOY of Christmas.

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