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Thankfulness A - Z

I am totally stealing this from my friend Shabby Shae!  What a cool idea!  I'm taking an easy week in every area of my life ... except the laundry, darn it, because the laundry just isn't going to do itself ... and blogging falls into the easy week category.  I'm glad for friends whose posts I can copy!  ;)

A -- for apple and sausage stuffing, which I will be having this week
B -- for my sweet boy who has made me LOVE being mom to a boy!
C -- for crisp, cool fall days.  I hope we have some again soon.
D -- for daughters who are sweet and kind and giggly.
E -- for eggs, which I have just about every morning for breakfast.
F -- for fabulous friends who have been such a blessing to me.
G -- for my grandparents, even though they are all gone now.  I am so thankful to have had them in my life.
H -- for a husband who realizes when my limit is reached and steps in.
I -- for in-laws who make me laugh and understand my husband a little better.
J -- for Jelly Belly jelly beans.
K -- for kids - kids of all ages!  There is a certain delight in every age, and somehow I can say every different stage has been my favorite.
L -- for lunches with friends.
M -- for mocha light frappuccinos from Starbucks.
N -- for nieces and nephews, who are a total joy to my life.
O -- for oreos, which I've had too many of lately.  Hm, maybe I'm NOT so thankful for them!
P -- for parents who love each other and love me.
Q -- for quiet Wednesday nights when I am completely alone for two hours.
R -- for rest!
S -- for really nice sheets.
T -- for taking the week off of school this week, and for being far enough along to do so guilt free!
U -- for unsweet tea with raspberry from Sonic.
V -- for vacations!  I love to plan vacations and relive the memories after.
W -- for warm baths on cold nights.  Again, if we ever had any cold nights.  ;)
X -- for eXtreme Bible study, Beth Moore-style, which is giving me an entirely new perspective on lots of things.
Y -- for You!  I feel like I've gotten to know you through both my blog and yours, and I love that!  (and yeah, I kind of stole Micah's answer here.)
Z -- for my zoom lens, which allows me to get good pics of my kids without them realizing it.

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