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Two Things

Two things you should know about me if you happen to be driving a car in which I'm a passenger at night:

1. My depth perception, which isn't fabulous during the day, completely leaves at night. So, if there are brake lights in front of me, I probably can't correctly judge the distance, and will freak out if I don't feel like you are applying your own brake in sufficient time. This freak out may or may not include a panic attack on my part. It also may or may not include me causing a panic attack on your part.

2. I have bovineophobia. I also have it's closely related cousin, deerophobia. I had actually recovered from a serious case of deerophobia after an unfortunate situation when I was in college, but contracting bovineophobia has caused the deerophobia to relapse. Badly. I suspect that I may have bigdogophobia and raccoonophobia as well.

These two conditions, when combined, make for a less than pleasant traveling companion on dark roads at night.

My new life motto? It is what it is.

If you happen to be the driver, either come prepared with xanax (for ME, not you because if you're planning to drive after taking xanax, we might need to add a number 3 up above), or just know that you're driving around with a basket case for a passenger, and extend me some grace.

(And thanks to my dear husband for not rolling his eyes too many times at me last night as we drove home from a super fun day! Field trip report and pictures to share later!)

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