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Weekly Wrap Up

I've decided to link up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers with the Friday Weekly Wrap Up. This is partly to encourage ME so that I can go back on the bad weeks and see that they're not ALL bad, and to keep me humble on the good weeks because there are definitely our share of not so good weeks around here!

Okay, so this is actually a two week wrap-up.  I intended to post this last week but scheduled it to post in 2011.  Go me.

The first of this two week period was actually not one of the good weeks. It started out bad. There was some stuff that wasn't done from the previous week, and my Type A personality doesn't do so well with blanks left unfilled. Also, our schedule is a little crazy right now. We have extra drama practices with our homeschool co-op on Monday afternoons, and dance on Thursday afternoons. Half of our curriculum is five days a week and half is four days a week, so we're already having a little bit of a timing problem. Oh, and I start to twitch a little if school is not done by about 2:30.

So, you can see how all of these factors working together did not start us off well for the week.

Oh - and something I've learned. If mama starts off on the wrong foot, within about an hour, everyone is joining me in the bad mood. Faaaaabulous.

All that said though, we did end up getting everything done this week. The oldest finished The Hiding Place and I think was blessed by it, as was I. She also finished Hittite Warrior this week, and although complained about it at first, ended up very much enjoying it. She breezed through her English as well. Math was a bit more of a struggle, but it was acceptable.

The middle one has had a tough week. Sometimes our personalities clash a little, and this was one of those weeks. She is so spirited and smart, but has a little of the drama in her. LOL She ended up making it through the week much better than it started though, so all is well.

We very much enjoyed week 12 in our Creation to Christ Heart of Dakota curriculum! Their paintings of the week:

We had some great reinforcement this week! Two topics we studied during history (the life of David and the divided kingdom of Israel) were topics upon which we've heard sermons recently. Both girls recognized it when we got to it. (Woohoo for paying attention in church!) It was great to have them telling me the story before I could read it to them!

The little one is learning so much! We were reading a book and he could point out nearly all of the letters and make most of the sounds. He is starting to put some sounds together now, and I am just so proud of him! He is LOVING his preschool, and I am so very glad of it.

This past week was really a great week all the way around, despite starting out with the middle one having a stomach virus.  We have decided to tweak the schedule a little, and for yesterday, it worked well.  It's not a significant tweaking, more of a rearranging really, but hey, if it works, it works!  AND, I was able to tentatively plan out the rest of 2010, and we will end up right where I want us to be.  AND, that means!  We are taking next week off!  ALL OF IT!!  Can I get a WOOHOO?  I honestly don't know who is more excited, the kids or me.  (It's me.  No doubt.)

I hope you have all had a fabulous week as well!

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