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Not Me ... Tuesday?

Just so we're clear, it is not me who is making the girls do some schoolwork the week between Christmas and New Year's.  If some stories to that effect should surface, just know that they're all lies.  ALL LIES, okay.  Because I'd never make my kids take their vacation and do schoolwork.  Nope, not me.

And if I did happen to do that?  It wouldn't be because it was driving me crazy to finish the semester on an odd class number.  Nor would it be because I couldn't handle the sound of the TV blaring an inane (and probably inappropriate) show.  School vacations are supposed to be filled with laziness and TV and a general uselessness, right?  Glad that hasn't happened at our house this week.

We are not currently frying some cereal.  I know you're glad to know that.  I did not cram the microwave full of stuff I didn't want sitting on the counter ... like cereal and crackers and the like.  One of these cereal boxes did not get a little .. um .. suicidal and jumped right from the microwave into hot oil when the oldest opened the microwave.  Cereal did not go everywhere, as didn't hot oil, which didn't burn the oldest's arm.  (btw - if this HAD happened, I wouldn't be marveling that she's not screaming like ... ahem ... someone else recently did with a burn.)  (And if it was pointed out by said oldest that she wasn't screaming, I wouldn't pull out the tiny dots on the arm versus ENTIRE PALM to justify.)  Glad all that didn't happen.  And glad I don't have the *lovely* smell of fried cereal in my house.  Glad I'm not just looking at it thinking there is no way I can do a thing about it until it's not so hot.  And especially glad I don't have a humongous mess to clean up.

and btw ... don't think for a second that it didn't occur to me that if I could some how find a way to put it on a stick, I could very well have the next fair food craze.  Fried cereal on a stick.  Yum.  Unfortunately fried Captain Crunch smells pretty bad.  Or I assume it does.  I really wouldn't know.

And for the record, as we're easing back into Dave Ramsey "we need to have an emergency fund" mode, I didn't make a two week menu using all of the leftovers, and then leave the house to go out to lunch before going to the grocery store.  I'd never be all hypocritical like that.  Nope, not me.

So ... with all that said ... there seems to be a mess in my kitchen that is requiring some attention.  Sigh.

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