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The Christmas Card

Okay, y'all. It probably will not surprise those of you who know me well to learn that I become an absolute psychopath when it comes to the family Christmas card. I get a vision in my mind of what it should look like and really want the final product to match that vision.

This was not my vision.

Nor was this.

Almost right.

Not quite right.

Getting closer.

This was a possibility.

 And then I gave up.  I did actually use the "all tied up" picture and the caption said "Wishing you lots of peace, joy, and family bonding this Christmas season!"  BUT, when I picked the pictures up, it was AWFUL.  I ended up getting the entire order refunded because apparently the printer was having issues.  In the meantime, I found a great deal online and just whipped up a card using individual pictures of the kids.

I didn't actually love these pictures either, but in a pinch they would do just fine.

Irony?  Sunday after church, I realized they were all wearing matching clothes so I snapped a pic in the sanctuary.
That was pretty darn close to my vision.  Taken the day after the Christmas cards went out. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!  :)

(And note to self:  next year, start the quest for the perfect Christmas picture in AUGUST!)

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