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Weekly Wrap Up!

I'm linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers today with our weekly wrap up!

I cannot believe that we have just finished week 14.  Wow.  Moving right along!

This was a pretty good week.  Usually the week after a break isn't all that smooth, so I was delighted to have a good week.

The girls did a mosiac picture with our Heart of Dakota curriculum this week.  The picture (because I doubt seriously that you can tell what it is!) is a horse and chariot.  I'm trying to have them be as independent as possible with project like this, with sometimes receiving some questionable results.  They were pretty proud of these though, and it was a pretty fun project!

Here are their paintings for the week.  This week's poem was The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.  They did pretty well except for a little minor instruction fail.  Can you tell?  What is really funny is that one child accidentally stuck her brush in the wrong color and decided to just go with it, and the other followed along.  Silly girls!

We are reading God King and are really enjoying it!  We will finish this next week.

Separately, they did well this week.  The oldest will finish Bob Jones English 7 just before Christmas.  I am still a little on the fence as to what we'll do in the spring.  I had settled on Bob Jones Literature 7, but we are getting SO much reading in other areas.  She does just fine with grammar, so I'm not wanting to do more grammar, but I have been considering IEW to help with writing.  It has crossed my mind to just let her relax, but practically that will never work because it just would not do for her to have a shorter school day than her sister!

The middle one also had a good week.  Math was less of a challenge this week than it has been, and can I just get a WOOT WOOT about that?  The funny thing?  She is actually quite ahead on math!  We cut the lessons back to three a week and do flash card review the other two days.  This seems to be working well, and keeps us from not being too rushed on Mondays and Thursdays when life is so busy.  She is breezing well through her reading class.  She really enjoys reading, and the short story approach is perfect for her.  She is also doing well with English and spelling.

I probably shouldn't compare kids, but I can't help myself.  I find it very interesting that the oldest has an easy time with English and grammar but has some spelling struggles.  The middle one has to think a fair amount with grammar, but spells very well.  It really is interesting to me to watch them and learn the areas they excel and struggle in!

The little one enjoyed his week of preschool.  I believe the proper term is "out of his shell".  Ahem.  And sometimes not necessarily in a good way.  ;)  I had to laugh at him yesterday telling me the story of two of the kids in his class "breaking up."  As one of my friends pointed out, apparently preschool is serious business these days!  He is learning so much and having such a fabulous time.  I am really amazed at how much he is learning and how well he is doing.  I'll be honest, I've been very nervous about having him home for kindergarten next year, but realizing how much fun he is having learning, and how anxious he is to learn more is so encouraging to me!

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