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1000 Gifts - 101 - 110

It's Sunday night, and I'm sitting here cuddled up with my sweet son and typing up my list.

101.  I am thankful for this moment.  There is peace in my house, quiet in my heart, and joy in my soul.  It's very nice.

102.  I am thankful that an injury my son had tonight wasn't worse.  I'm a pretty laid back mama with injuries most of the time and this one scared me a little.  He is completely fine though, just a humongous knot on his head.

103.  I am thankful for a two week menu planned and grocery shopping done.  It sure does make life easier for me to just look at what's planned and not have to try to figure out what we want to eat.

104.  I am thankful for wool socks.  We live in Texas; it's not cold very often.  I only have one pair of wool socks and they are so absolutely perfect for our cold days when I can't get my feet warm.

105.  I am thankful for my children.  If you read my blog, then you know this last week will not go down in history as THE BEST WEEK EVER.  Despite some bratty moments here and there (um ... mine AND theirs) these kids completely rock and are such a blessing to me. 

106.  I am thankful for one of the oldest's friends, who put our Wii back into service.  We still can't find the other remote (which was somehow lost as the two younger ones were fighting over it) and since the lost one was the main one, we couldn't use the wii at all.  The friend came over, pushed about three buttons and VIOLA~!!  Back in service!  (And ... um ... the two little ones are still grounded from it until either the two weeks are up or they find the other remote.)

107.  I am thankful for having received a lot of support and good advice last week regarding not only THAT parenting issue, but a couple of other ones as well. 

108.  I am thankful for the children's chorus that the girls are a part of.  Saturday night they had the opportunity to sing with the symphony and we loved it!  Even the little one enjoyed the symphony.  It was a fabulous night!

109.  I am thankful to have another opportunity to do Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself Bible study.  I have started this study at least two other times now and haven't been able to complete it.  I know it's a fabulous study, so I am very excited to start it up again with a fabulous group of ladies.

110.  I am thankful for sugar-free mocha lattes at a cafe here in town.  Sooooo yummy and diabetic friendly too!

What gifts have you received this week?  I'm linking up with A Holy Experience today, so click on over and read some more lists.  :)

(btw ... check back in a few days!  I have a giveaway coming up ... a GIFT so to speak ... I'd love to have One Thousand Gifts to give away, but can't quite do that.  I do have ONE though ... but I'm not saying what it is until I have it in hand.  What could it be?  Hmmm ...  giggle ... ) 

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