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1000 Gifts - 81-90

Have I ever answered why I'm doing this? What the point is of listing ten things I'm thankful for every week? I'm sure this will come as a shock to you, so please sit down. Sitting? Ready? Okay ... here it is ... I can be a complainer. SHOCK, right? ;) I really don't like that about myself. I want to be the person who looks at a situation and sees the good rather than the bad, and I want to tell you that my natural inclination is to tell you in detail every little thing that is negative or wrong. This list is my effort to work on that. To actively seek the good, the gifts, the blessings I have been given, some deep and serious, some whimsical and silly. :)

So without further ado ... here is my list for this week. I am thankful ...

81. For huddling in a warm house on a cold, rainy day.

82. For Netflix instant on the Wii. I think this could possibly rank up there with the best inventions ever.

83. Cinnamon vanilla coffee cream. It's no white chocolate raspberry, but it's not bad.

84. For sweet friends who offered to hunt down white chocolate raspberry coffee cream for me! :-P

85. For a pleasant week of school last week. Really nice for the first week back after a break to be a good week.

86. For little boys who are growing up way too fast and who tell me when I point it out that "that's just what happens mama. We start off little and then we grow. And that's why I'm going to be six soon." (soon ... in eight months! giggle!)

87. For middle girls who are so excited to finally be tall enough to do dishes. And are willing to do them!

88. For oldest girls who finished their English class last week!

89. For a productive Saturday which led to waking up to a nice clean house Sunday, with all of the laundry done.

90. And last for this week, but certainly not least, my mom's last chemo treatment for round 1 will be done this week.

I will be linking up with A Holy Experience today and will be excitedly reading everybody else's lists! I'd love to read yours too!

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