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Feeling ... crafty??

Something weird is happening to me.  Very very weird.

I don't know if it's Micah's influence, or possibly Meri's influence.  Probably some of both.  I see the fabulous things Micah makes and they're way out of my league and then I see the fabulous things Meri makes and they're way out of my league.  Micah sews, Meri knits, Melanie glues.  See the problem?  Every now and then though, one of them will post a link to a tutorial and I'll think "HEY!  Maybe *I* can do that!"  (You know ... the stuff that takes very few skills, and nothing involving the words SEW or KNIT, and oh, it can't have more than about four steps, either.)

It is entirely possible that I may be muttering under my breath at both of these women as I watch my utter lack of craftiness go to battle with this crazy desire to make something.

I do have a glue gun, and I have done enough recitals that I'm completely fluent in E-6000.  Safety pins?  I am good to go.  I'm pretty handy with tape too.  OH, and we MUST not forget staplers.  (Y'all have heard the story of the butterfly wings held on to a costume with staples, right?)  (In my defense, they were on a REALLY little girl and they were QUITE heavy.)  (Going to search for a picture.)  (Darn it, I KNOW I have a pic of those butterfly wings somewhere!) (FOUND IT!!)
Oh no, those wings did not come attached.  They are thick cardboard covered in feathers.  They had to be attached to the costume and secured so that they didn't come off on stage and take the costume with them!  She was five at the time, love the gap-toothed smile.  :)  

I made some blog decorations over the past couple of days and had fun with that, but I am wanting something more.  I want to cut, glue, pin ... NOT SEW ... and hopefully complete a project.  Maybe that's the real desire - to FINISH something, because everything I do has to be done again, usually in just a couple of hours.  (ahem ... laundry anyone?  dishes?  how about cooking?)

Okay, so all that said, yesterday I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and started a project.  I'm debating on whether to post what I'm planning to make or not.  Posting it would give me some much needed accountability because it would force me at some point to post a picture of the finished project.  But then it is entirely possible that the finished project will not look exactly like I wanted it to, and my photoshop skills aren't so fabulous that I can take something that looks lopsided and awful and make it look fabulous.

So maybe I'm going to leave it as a surprise for a while.  In case a) I lose interest before it's finished.  (Entirely possible.)  or b) I complete it and decide it's terribly ugly and would be well suited for decorating the inside of the bathroom cabinet only (probably likely.)

But woohoo for at least feeling crafty!  (I think.)  (Ask me about that tomorrow.)  (Better yet, ask my FAMILY about that tomorrow.)

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