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Not Me!


It's been a while and I am not bursting to tell y'all all the things I haven't done recently.

It is not me whose facebook status is currently "my kids are weird."  I would never speak that way about these little darlings.  And if I DID have that as my status, I would never tell them.  And if I DID, they would probably not respond very matter-of-factly with "We're not weird.  We're interesting.  There's a huge difference."  I am not sitting here laughing at them at this very moment thinking that all of this weirdness MUST have come from their father.

(And there is absolutely no way that the oldest one is giving the middle on a science lesson, involving the word "rectum" which is apparently a word the middle one just heard for the first time. She apparently thinks it's a cool word, and is shrieking as the oldest one fills her in on what it means.)

We did not give the middle one iced coffee with her lunch, and she is not currently running around in the circle that the house makes between the kitchen, dining room, living room, and family room, and I am not using the phrase "electric chihuahua" to describe her at this moment.  (Well?  Have you met her?  Don't you agree that "electric chihuahua" describes her pretty well?)

I do not feel the urge to go take a nap just watching her.

In other news ... have I spoken of my addiction to chili?  And the realization that as much as I love the chili at Jason's Deli, it's really not in anyone's best interest for me to eat there every single day?  (Well, except possibly Jason's best interest!  A cup of chili is pretty cheap, but add to it a drink and at least two other meals because I seem to travel in a pack and my frugal choice is suddenly less than frugal.)  Well, I am not currently trying yet another chili recipe to find one that I absolutely love.  I've not gone through about seven different recipes in the past couple of months to get it just right.  Nope, not me.  I know my family is not pleading with me to just find one I like so I can stop experimenting on them trying new recipes.  (Today's version is The Pioneer Woman's.  I'm feeling hopeful.)

Oh, and one more.  It was not my son who burst into spontaneous prayer the other day as we left ... ahem ... Jason's Deli (giggle) and pulled into the parking lot of the BIG HEB.  His prayer did not go something like this:  "Please God, don't let us be going to HEB.  Please God."  I did not giggle and tell him "God said we needed groceries so we're going to HEB."  He did not then pretend to go to sleep in the car.  And I did not dissolve into laughter, as did his older sisters.  Love the master manipulation techniques of a five year old! 

Goodness gracious ... we have laughed and giggled more today than we have in the past few weeks!  Woohoo for giggly days!

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