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Pity Party, Table for One, Please

Okay, so yesterday was not a stellar day.

Two girls gave me attitudes.  Some family members went to dinner and completely forgot about me.  Schoolwork lasted until after 4:00.  I did work around the house that a) nobody even noticed and b) nobody had a problem completely undoing.  A boy had a tummyache and then took a really late nap that had him still awake after 10:00 last night.  Visa Rewards started calling at 10:30 and at 11:07, on the third call, I got mad and unplugged the phone.  And I'm LEAVING it unplugged.  Oh, and the Wiimote?  The "alpha remote" is missing, lost after the younger two were fighting over what to watch on Netflix, which has rendered the Wii completely useless, which would be fine as far as the kids are concerned, but *I* enjoy it too and can't use it.

I think I'm taking the day off today.  It's 8:15 and the little one woke up complaining that a toy that I gave him for his birthday (IN AUGUST) was not the toy he wanted - seriously, first words out of his mouth this morning.

You know that brief window the day after a bad day?  When there is a chance for redemption and hope that this will not also be a bad day?  That window was closed within minutes of one child waking up.

So ... 8:15 and girls are still asleep.  They know what schoolwork is expected of them.  They know how to prepare their meals.  They know that if they don't complete their tasks, then they shouldn't ask for rewards such as having friends over, etc.  They're 9 1/2 and 12, and will be learning some independent life skills today.  I'm not going to harp on them about their schoolwork.  I'm not going to do their laundry, prepare their meals, or clean up after them.  I'm not even going to get them out of bed.   I will, however, apply the rule of natural consequences, should it be required.  (Oh, I am so sorry, hon.  You didn't finish your schoolwork?  Well, your DSI will be safe with me until it's all done and you have a happy heart again.  Oh, and that cell phone?  I'd hate for you to be tempted by it when you're trying to finish your schoolwork at 8 pm.  I'll just put it away for you.  Absolutely, your friends can come over!  Let me just make sure your work is done and your room is clean.  Oh?  It's not?  Oh well then, maybe next time.)

This unappreciated mama is taking the day off and will be hanging out with my Nook.  And possibly Starbucks.

(and I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel terrible for being all selfish today.  On this day, I don't really care.)

btw ... just took the little one to preschool and it's now 9:30.  Girls are still in bed.  I suspect it's going to be a long day around here.  For the record?  They do have an alarm clock.  The oldest has an alarm on her phone, which she has in there with her.

May I seriously ask?  What do y'all do when you work to manage the household and school and everything else and receive a total lack of appreciation and being taken for granted in return?  I mean, if you can't tell, partly my feelings are hurt by all of the attitudes.  Partly, I'm REALLY mad.  Mostly though, I see the brat trend going on and I want it stopped.  I do suspect that I do too much for them in some areas so I know at least some of the problem is mine.  Maybe when they ask to go see their friends play Upwards on Saturday and I sadly tell them that they can't because they chose to sleep until 10:00 and then play around, they'll understand a little.  Or they'll hate me all the more.

Sigh.  This parenting business is tough.

I do intend to enjoy my day off today though!  Anyone want to meet me at Starbucks? 

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