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Sufficient Grace

I have a friend who is going through a major endeavor in her life. She will soon be doubling the size of her family - from three to six children. The current children are young and the new children are also young, with special needs.

Let me be honest here. My brain has been all over the place in trying to wrap around that. On one hand I'm in awe. Not only in awe that they are doing that, but in awe of how the Lord is working out the details. On another hand, the thought "is she crazy?" has crossed my mind a time or two. (Sorry, Jessica. Just being honest here.) On another hand (because I apparently have several hands) I want to get in there and help in whatever way I can. And on another hand, (still being honest here) I'm a little jealous of the adventure, when my life is feeling a little stagnant currently.

Yesterday I was thinking and wondering how many people have been discouraging in their comments to Jessica. (And Josh too, but Jessica is the one I see more frequently and see her mom heart.) I don't mean ugly, I mean people who really do mean well but make comments that bring discouragement to them. Maybe there aren't any, I don't know. As I was thinking about it though, I remember something that a fabulous lady who is now with the Lord said once.

I had commented to her about the grace she showed in a situation that I felt would have had me ready for a rubber room. It was a seriously difficult situation and I remember feeling that if I had to deal with it, I would have given up. I will never forget what she said though:

She said "His grace is sufficient for ME in the situations to which He has called ME. His grace is sufficient for YOU in the situations to which He has called YOU."

Wow. Ever looked at someone going through something that you think would just kill you, and yet they survive? Scarred and hurt, maybe, but still the Lord brings them through? That's His sufficient grace, and it was applied to them in their situation. We don't understand it because it wasn't applied to us in their situation. His grace is sufficient for our need, rather than just blanket grace thrown out. It's personal.

Isn't that awesome? :)

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