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What a crazy couple of days!

Three children had dental appointments this week.  We went on Tuesday, signed in, and the sweet receptionist gave me "that look" like "um, why are you here?  I do not have appointments for your children today."  She was right.  Oops.  Appointments were not Tuesday, they were Wednesday.  Alrighty.

We show up on again on Wednesday.  We left the appointments with one child just fine, one with two minor cavities, and one with a referral to an oral surgeon.  Faaaaabulous.  If you know my kids, I'm sure you can guess which is which, because that seems to be always the way it works around here.

Is the oral surgeon in our network?  Ha.  Haha.

So I'm forseeing a child who is surprisingly not in pain yet, but soon will be.  I'm also forseeing financial destruction.  Okay, that's a *bit* of an exaggeration.  Our insurance will cover some of it and there are sufficient funds to cover the rest without eating too many servings of beans and rice over the next few weeks.

So today I get out of bed really early feeling kind of yucky.  There's not time for that though!  Need to take the little one to preschool, need to meet with a friend for a little while, need to grab the girls and go to the little one's Valentine's party, and hello?  SOME schoolwork needs to be done.  Oh, and I guess we need to eat and then rush off to consult with the oral surgeon.  My cost estimate was off.  By a lot.  And not in the good way.  We get home just in time to get the girls to dance and oh yeah, they have choir tonight too and you CANNOT see my floor and the sink?  It would probably be easier to just get water out of the bathroom sink if you're thirsty because there are too many dishes to fit a cup under the tap.  And the laundry is piled up?  Again?  Didn't I just do that?  AND WHY, OH HEAVENS WHY, IS THE BATHTUB NOT DRAINING??

May I just have a nap?  Please?

 And through it all?  I found out that I won one of the giveaways on Gussy's blog, something pretty will be coming to my house soon!  My friend said "let me just keep your son for an extra hour or two."  Jim said "hey, let's go out to dinner tonight."  Another friend just plain encouraged my socks off.  The girls are sitting here finishing up schoolwork, and giggling.  And, our tax refund will be here right when we need to pay for the dental work.  I shopped Kohl's clearance sale and bought an $80 jacket for me for $6.99 and it got here today and I LOVE it.

As I was thinking over some of these things in the car this afternoon, this song came on.  So very true.

Can't we all relate to this?  This is the stuff that just drives us crazy and makes us forget how much we're blessed.  It's all just *stuff*.  Not earth shattering.  Just stuff.  

Let me not forget how much I'm blessed! 

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