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Wordless Wednesday - the freezing butt cold edition


Okay, freely admitting my weeniness.  (Yes that is a word.  Look it up.)

This?  This is wrong on so many levels. I know it's like spring to you northern people. For us southern people, this is shut down the town weather.

(Take a moment to appreciate the stellar photography, the artistic blurriness.  I'll wait.)

Oh good, you're back.  :-P

Yesterday we had a storm come through, followed by a cold front.  I was driving to Houston and could literally SEE the front blowing in.  I tried to capture it and pretty much failed miserably, but at least I know what it was.  And since I told you what was going on, you know too.

And then today? Y'all, I live in Texas. This is not something that is seen in this area. Ever.

My kids are fascinated! Ice everywhere. Ditches frozen, dog water dish frozen, and ICICLES!

I'm actually enjoying the cold weather too. I don't mind it for a day or two, then I'm over it.

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