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Didn't Really Intend to Take a Break

Well, I didn't PLAN to take a blogging break, but it appears that I have.  I have a bunch of half-written blog posts that I need to finish and will ... eventually.  Right now though, I'm personally feeling quite yucky and lazy.  I was actually looking outside earlier and just hoping for a thunderstorm because it seems appropriate for my mood.

While I'm sitting around being all BLAH though, the Lord is doing great things.  Great indeed.

Josh and Jessica's story ... Parker, Daniel, and Josslyn's Story ... The Story the Lord Wrote ...

Just go read.  They'll be seeing their children for the first time VERY soon.  How awesome to have been able to follow this from the very beginning.  How awesome to see the effect that it has had on my children.  (Um, that would be one of the half-written posts.  More to come on that.)  I can't wait to see the ways the Lord continues this, like the ripples on a pond when a rock is thrown in.

And so that's it.  Nothing to see here, but tons of stuff to see over there

I'll catch up again soon.

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