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Harvest Time

Yesterday morning this little beauty was ready for harvesting. Having never eaten or grown a white/Lebanese zucchini I was purely judging size by white zucchini I have recently noticed at the supermarket.

The child allocated to dinner prep tonight grated the zucchini and added it to the bolognese he was cooking, as we usually do. We both had a little taste, the zucchini was pleasantly juicy and almost sweet, certainly the best I have ever tasted. I think I will try the next one raw in a salad.

The finished product, on a bed of fresh parsley, basil and pak choi leaves straight from our garden! Yum! I always like to add some grated veges to our bolognese and white zucchini is perfect at hiding with no tell-tale signs of visible colour (for those children who may object). Looks like I have found a new vegetable friend!

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