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After finishing my Fresh Flowers quilt I have gone back to working a hand piecing project. Over 30 years ago hexagonal patchwork was all the craze (anyone else remember that?) and I hand pieced several hexagonal cushion covers as a teenager.

A little over a year ago I was looking for a handwork project to take on holidays. We had just bought and watched a recent remake of "Pollyanna" and I was taken by the richness of the beautiful hand pieced quilts. Hand piecing can be a wonderful way to spend time when you need something compact, quick and easy to pick up and put down. Perfect for taking on a traveling holiday.

After our big holiday I discovered online that "hexies" were all the craze again! There are so many beautiful hexie works around. Once home again I began exploring online fabric shops and a multitude of inspiring quilting blogs. I enjoyed using my sewing machine to start some more quilts and set aside my hexies as an "away-from-home" activity. I have picked them up a few times when expecting to wait at Dr surgeries etc but they have basically sat untouched for a nearly a year.

I want to finish my hexie quilt as a special gift, so I now have a deadline to work towards. I may have little to post about on the sewing front for a while as hand sewing takes lots of t.i.m.e to complete. Then again, I may just need to have a couple of projects going at the same time....I have ordered some lovely fabric which is always an inspiration.

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