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It Is Finished!

How good it feels good to have my hexies lap quilt finished, ahead of time for that special gift as mentioned. It is just the right size and I'm very happy with how it has all come together.

 For the "top"edge and both sides I cut the quilt straight across ready for binding, wanting a strong, neat finish. However I couldn't bring myself to trim the bottom or "skirt" off straight.....those cute points needed to remain to keep a certain handmade beauty about the quilt. I had already extended the quilt top past the full width of the backing fabric so I had to be a little creative to back those points. As you can see I used a strip of the binding fabric and I love how it turned out, adding an unexpected feature. The points have been carefully hand hemmed to give the effect I was after.

The only thing left to do now is the label. Something new to think through.......

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