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Mom Update

She is doing really well!

The surgery that we thought was at 10:30 ended up starting at about 2:30, but the surgeon said it all went as expected and that she was doing well.

She got out of surgery at about 5:15, dad saw her at about 6:15 and me at 6:30. 

Something I learned:  I did not inherit my low pain tolerance from my mother.  I remember waking up from general anesthesia repeating the word HURTS over and over.  Not so with mom.  When I saw her, she was carrying on a conversation.  I wrote down the actual conversation for future blackmail material.  No, no, I'm just kidding.  Kind of.  :-P

She was released at 8:30 this morning.  Yes, seriously.  :-O   Drains and all.  I watched the "how to care for your drain" video twice, so I'm all, you know ... trained.  Thankfully Dad saw the video as well, so not only does she have me (being the expert who saw it twice) she has Dad, who actually will possess the ability to do it.

I'm going to call and check on her in a bit, but I'm assuming that since I haven't heard from them since then, she's doing well. 

Thank you so much for your prayers, my sweet friends!  Please continue to pray for good pain control (perhaps prayers that she will actually TAKE her pain meds!!) and for a swift recovery. 

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