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Not Me!


Anyone up for some "Not Me"-ing?  (Yes, I did just totally make that into a verb.  Because I'm cool like that.)

Speaking of cool ... it is not me who has been repeatedly told by my oldest child how very uncool I am.  Bah on her.  What does she know anyway?  I probably didn't roll my eyes and stamp my feet at her.  :-P  Seriously, sweet child.  I am in my 40's.  I have experienced significantly more of life than you have and have tons of coolness.  AND, I even know how to properly spell the word cool, and it does NOT have a K, an E, or a W in it.  (Which probably makes me decidedly UNcool.)  Whatever.  I'm in my 40's.  I am who I am, and I don't even care.  Which, actually, makes me incredibly cool.

(Nope, we never have conversations like that around our house.  And these conversations never end with her rolling her eyes and stamping her feet at me.)

It is not me who got insanely sunburned on our trip.  Seriously, I was outside all of about an hour.  And there are places on my leg that are requiring antibiotic due to the burns.  What in the heck?  I did not joke that I could get sunburned in the rain.  At night.  And I suspect that I really could.  I did not give THE LOOK to the middle one when she looked at her gorgeous golden brown skin and remarked that she had never had a sunburn.  (Really I'm glad of that!)  The oldest got a teeny bit pink and is now brown, the middle one just turned brown, and the little one, bless his little heart, has his mother's skin, so he wears body armor in the sun.  He did pick up some new freckles though, which I think are totally adorable.

I did not go on a rampage last week that involved cleaning the girls' bedroom.  Nope, not me.  And I would never throw away or threaten to throw away a ton of stuff to accomplish this goal.  And I certainly would not ever threaten their very lives if their room ever got that messy again.  I am raising proper, neat, young ladies here, not slobs, so their room would never get very messy in the first place.  Glad that didn't happen.  Nor did the seven bags of trash that came out of there.

And I certainly would never type a paragraph like that last one while sitting in my own messy room.  Nope, not me.  No hypocrisy here.

(And it's also not me who is happy dancing that apparently I spelled hypocrisy correctly on the first try because there isn't a red squiggly line under it.  Woot!) 

So that's it for now ... What haven't you done lately?

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