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The Easter Not Me


There is NOT EVER any craziness at our house!  I just thought I would share with y'all the story of what didn't happen on Easter morning.

First of all, because I never wait until the last minute for things, we weren't about to get out the door to go to Sunday school when I decided that I needed to take pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits.

We didn't all walk outside - me with the camera and without the car keys, kids with their stuff, and get ready for pics and hear the door shut.  The words "I sure hope you checked to make sure the door was unlocked!" did not come from my mouth with a giggle.

The oldest did not rush over and confirm that the door was indeed locked. 

We didn't then snap a bunch of pics as if nothing had happened.  Priorities, people!

We didn't then call a friend who lives nearby and who keeps a key to the house.

We didn't wait for the friend to arrive with the voice in the back of my head saying "Her key is to the FRONT door, which will not be of any help because of my OCD locking of the screen door."

My friend did not arrive and bring us the key to the front door.
The screen door was not locked.

So, we were not all sitting outside of the house in some pretty serious wind unable to go anywhere, and I certainly did not contemplate us all sitting in the driveway and having our own church.

We didn't call Jim at work and have to leave a message.  The words "It's an emergency ... but not a medical emergency, a stupidity emergency" certainly didn't come out of my mouth in said message.

We didn't check windows and realize that not a one of us is an experienced thief, so that wasn't going to happen.

We did not then start looking at the fence and speculating.  Our fence is not in a REALLY bad way due to hurricanes from the past few years.  I did not quickly decide that it wasn't going to be me scaling the fence because a) there is no way our flimsy fence is going to hold me up, b) I am not nearly coordinated enough to get over it, and c) I was wearing a dress.  The oldest did not immediately jump on my bandwagon for the same reason.  The middle one did not attempt it and then give up stating that she wasn't strong enough to go over.

We certainly did not basically toss the little one over the fence.  He wasn't saying "I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS!!" while we were doing it.  The oldest and I would never have pushed his little legs over anyway.

He (really) did not fall, which is really good because I KNOW if he had, he would have somehow hit that exact same spot on his head.

The girls and I did not watch through the cracks in the fence, wondering if the back door would be unlocked or not.  Really, it all depends on who opened it last.  If it was me, no question, it would be locked. 

We did not all cheer to realize that I did not open the back door last, as evidenced by the little one being able to open it.

So, we all made it to church looking just a little bit windblown.  No women or girls had to scale a fence in a dress, and no little boys fell and hit their heads.  :)

And, we all loved the Easter service at church.  :)

Was YOUR Easter morning eventful?

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