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Gratitude Journal - 221 - 230

221.  For a really nice Mother's Day hanging out with family and friends at the park. 

222.  For this, which would be our co-op end of the year Open House.

(Every year the Jr. High science class does an egg drop.  They make a structure out of toothpicks and hot glue, drop it from the 2nd floor, and whoever's egg doesn't break wins.  I think my daughter went for symmetry and a cool looking structure and kind of gave up on the "try to keep your egg from breaking" part.  Haha~!!  She even said "Well, it LOOKS good!")

223.  And for this, also from Open House.

Pardon the blurry photography.  The middle one's class did various projects from different countries, and this is her Faberge egg.  (And she was in a skit later; that's the reason for the vest.)

224.  For this, my nephew's high school graduation.

I cannot BELIEVE he is old enough to graduate!  He was in a high school/college concurrent program for the last two years so he already had a lot of college behind him and will be going to Houston Baptist University in the fall. 

225.  For this, also from Nephew's graduation. 

My mom was well enough to be there.  :)  (And that would be my sister too.)

226.  For another class being scratched off the list this week - the middle one's English.  WOOT~!!!

227.  For a compliant child, who, when I realized we had missed a class that she needs, agreed easily to do it over the summer to make the fall easier for me.  I *really* appreciate that, oldest child! 

228.  For a fun family day at the local botanical gardens.  Especially for a FREE fun family day at the local botanical gardens! 

229.  For the upcoming week, which I KNOW is going to be crazy because the calendar on my phone is full of dots every single day - dots being things that must be done; activities, appointments, etc - but which should also prove to be lots of fun.

230.  And for the laundry which must be done today.  Having a humongous pile of laundry means that we have sufficient clothing to wear.  Also for kids who are old enough (mostly!) to fold and put away their own laundry.  :)

I will be linking up with A Holy Experience today.  Hop on over and read some more gratitude journals, or start one yourself.  :)

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