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I Read Something Fabulous

I read a BUNCH of blogs.  Seriously a bunch.  Some people read news, or magazines, or such ... I read blogs.  I figure if something is going on in the news that I need to know, somebody will blog about it.  That's worked pretty well so far.  ;)

Yesterday, I was flipping through blogs in my reader and came across this:

"I'm Never Inviting You to MY House!"

How awesome is that?  I have been kind of thinking of that lately as I was talking with a friend about dropping our masks and being REAL with each other, and remembering a fabulous Sunday school teacher from a few years ago trying to get us to realize the same thing.  What can I say?  I'm apparently a slow learner who needs the same message delivered in many different forms before it sinks in.

My kids have asked me before when I've gone on a mad cleaning spree "Who's coming over, Mom?"  Yikes. 

Think maybe I'll give myself permission to just accept myself and my house as they are?  Probably not.  Maybe I WILL relax a bit though.  :) 

I can tell you with reasonable certainty that I will likely NOT vacuum though.  I hate vacuuming and don't do it.  (Thank you Jim.) 

So local friends?  Come on over and see my lived in house.  Not so local friends?  You come too.  :)  But let's all give Jim time to vacuum first.

(See ... slow learner.)  ;)

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