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My copy of this book, pre-ordered from Book Depository, arrived this week. There was one quilt in particular which had caught my eye from previews I had seen and I was keen to have a closer look. I already have the two books which Sarah Fielke had previously co-authored and love looking through them for inspiration. 

Below is the quilt I have had in mind, called "North By North East" by Sarah Fielke and I like it even more on closer inspection. Since I began quilting (about 18 months ago) I have been keeping an eye out for ideas for a quilt for our bed. Early last year I  made a quick queen-topper sized quilt which now lives on our bed until I make a "proper" quilt for us.

I love quilts with lots of colour, lost of white and some variety of design. I have been looking for something neither too "traditional" nor too "modern", a project achievable given my sewing circumstances and time.  The large centre panel is made up of rows of "flying geese". It reminds me of a huge pile of jewels spread in the sunshine. 

When I started quilting I didn't have any stash of suitable quilting cottons. However over the last 12 months I have delighted in searching for fabrics online (in the US) which have been on special and/or "make my heart sing". Many have been used in projects, some not yet. Together I now have quite a nice collection of whole pieces and left-overs. Today I went through my shelf of fabrics and gathered these together as "most likely" contenders for my new quilt. I love that this design uses any variety of your choice with a balance of white based and full-coloured prints. I can use so many of my favourites, but then, nearly all my fabrics are "favourites".

Tuesday night I had a look online for cherry fabrics. I quickly stumbled on this one from Lori Holt's just released range "Sew Cherry".  I love cherries and think they help make a quilt less "girlie" than a floral print would. Yesterday I enquired about the fabric's real life colours and decided to go ahead and order some. I'm pleased I did as it's now nearly sold out at the store of my choice (this time).

Now I need to wash and iron the fabrics which I haven't already washed previously. I have also been experimenting with three different techniques for making flying geese (any suggestions most welcome). Then I can begin the process of much cutting and sewing.....

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