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Just a bunch of stuff.

My mind is still reeling. Just wanted you to know that in advance in case this entire post makes no sense or something.

The funeral was today and we just got home a little while ago. I am exhausted, seriously. We stayed in a hotel last night, and apparently I missed the part where the hotel said it had double beds and not queen beds. Wanna guess how much sleep happened in a double bed with me, Jim, and the little one? Ding ding ding if you said little to none.

I was remembering being a kid and sitting in the back of the car and playing this game with Troy where we sat with our backs on the doors and put our feet together in the middle and kicked back and forth. I remember mom or dad telling us not to do that and thinking that they just didn't ever let us have ANY fun. I can't imagine why in the world they didn't love that game! Giggling now thinking that that particular game is a kick in the face just waiting to happen and wondering why *we* didn't realize that at the time. Probably because *MY* legs were longer. :-P

Since I pick on my kids here at the ole' blog all the time, now it's time that I can pick on my oldest nephew a little. Last night at the visitation at the funeral home, I kept seeing people that I really KNEW I should know but couldn't remember exactly who they were. For a while I could solve it by slipping up to peek at the guest book but then there got to be too many people there so that didn't work anymore. I asked my 18 year old nephew who somebody was, and his exact words to me were "I don't know, they all look alike after 45." Awesome. (Really - I have giggled about that ever since he said it.) I'll be 42 this year, so sometime over the next three years, I guess I'll morph into indistinguishable features as well. Again, awesome.

I REALLY hope that there are pets in heaven. The very thought of Troy running around with Muffin/Flash is making me smile. I wonder if her name is Muffin or Flash in heaven? Probably Flash. I hope that she will still let me call her Muffin.

Okay, I suppose that's it for my rambling for now. I do reserve the right to ramble more later ... ;)

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