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Making a Start

I'm loving catching glimpses of these as I go about my days. An abundance of glorious colours and prints, washed, ironed and cut into 2 1/4" strips, ready for further cutting.

Today my fabric parcel arrived with the cherry fabric in it. I promptly washed and ironed the cherry print and a few others, ready to be added to my growing collection of cut rectangles and squares.

Ok, so here's a finished "flying goose", made by sewing one square and then the second onto the base rectangle of fabric. I've decided to go with making the geese individually and only partially trimming the excess fabric, just clipping the corner from the middle layer of fabric.

I am finding this gives my "goose" greater stability and also durability while removing excess bulk from the corner where it will later be sewn and joined.

Some geese sitting happily together. I'm looking forward to using a great variety of prints, lots of favourites and sentimental scraps too.

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