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Straying like Kobe & Tiger and flip-flopping like Kerry

So I knew about Tumblr but I was happy with Blogger, and then found out that one of my ramblings was being re-posted by someone on the Tumblr, so I took a closer look at it. It seemed pretty cool, so I decided to give it a try for a while with shorter ramblings on every movie watched.

About a week-and-a-half later, the trial run is over. It's a cool site, but overall, it felt really odd to write for two different blogs at two different places. Better to just stay with the one I started with and post both my short and long ramblings here. No need to add extra work for me (and those who read my ramblings) by posting some of these wastes of time somewhere else.

Because I think Tumblr works best for non-text postings, I'll still use Tumblr for non-rambling nonsense, like screenshots of dogs peeking over logs, and links to my ramblings here will still be posted on Tumblr because there's nothing wrong with spreading the word in other ways. There's also nothing wrong with a little bump-and-grind.

Anyway, if you're on Tumblr -- here's my page, if that kind of thing matters to you. Also, Cathie Horlick, Phil Blankenship and Ellen Cobb have Tumblrs and I highly recommend you should go tumble with them or whatever the correct term for following someone on The Tumblr is. I'm going to repost my Tumblr ramblings here, so in case any of this seems way too familiar to you in the next couple of days, do not despair, you are not having crazy synapses and stroking out, I am merely being a jerk about this whole thing. Good day, sir and ma'am.

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