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The Oldest Cracks Me Up

We're still in the midst of the busiest couple of weeks of the year, so there will likely not be a whole lot of blogging going on, but I had to write this down before I forget.

Saturday we worked all day at a garage sale fundraiser.  My niece was here and I dragged the girls out of the house at 6:30 by luring them with Starbucks and they seriously did WORK at the garage sale.

We finally got home and there was a dog beside our house.  They were all convinced that it was the neighbor's dog, and the neighbor's dog is never loose!  I told the oldest to see if she could catch the dog and take it over there.  She did, and then went next door and came back saying the neighbors weren't home.  I told her that if she was CERTAIN it was their dog, to put her in our dog's crate and go put a note on their door to let them know that we had the dog.

Here's her note:

Hi!  We have your dog.  Either that or we have stolen somebody's dog that happens to look like yours.
~ The Neighbor Children

The neighbor had been out looking for her dog, so she saw the note pretty quickly and came to get it.  (It actually seems to be a sweet little dog, and I take back most of the bad things I've said about it.  I guess it can't help it if it has the yapper gene.)

Anyway ... the note just cracked me up ... my child the dog thief.

Giggles ...

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