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Want to help a child? (And my daughter at the same time?)

This Saturday, the oldest and I will be participating in a 5K WALK (nope, there will be no running on either of our parts at this event!) to help bring Kirk home.

Who is Kirk?  Kirk is the son of a friend of a friend.  Not only that, but he just happens to be a close friend to a new little friend.  Got all that straight?  LOL  Let me see if I can do a better job explaining it ... or at least linking to people who CAN explain it.

Kirk is the son of the Hazeltons.   They are currently raising the funds required to bring him home.

I know most of you who read my blog know Jessica personally, but some of you do not.  Jessica just got home with her three little ones a few weeks ago.  One of her little ones is a good friend to Kirk.

Just read this post of Jessica's.  Kirk and Jessica's son Alik are good buddies who have likely been together from birth.  Then they both are adopted to families halfway around the world ... and end up five minutes apart from each other!

So now we need to get Kirk home.  And we ALL need to tell Jessica and Shannon that when those boys see each other again for the first time, there must be video and it must be shared.  I seriously cannot even let my mind go there without getting teary!!

The oldest and I have dusted off our running walking shoes and will be getting out in the sticky heat Saturday morning to help raise money to bring this little guy home.  We would love if you would consider sponsoring us!  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at itsmelanie@gmail.com.  I promise you - no amount is too small!  If you want to help out in other ways, I know the Hazeltons would love some prayer support! 

You can go here to find out more about the 5K!

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