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Not Me!!

May I just request that SOMEONE take it upon themselves as a MINISTRY to take the phone away from someone who has just had surgery and is hopped up on pain meds?

It was not me at all who had "female surgery" last week and then apparently a lot of inhibition-reducing drugs and decided in a bout of 3 am wakefulness to post on facebook and COMPLETELY overshare.  I certainly did not discuss a catheter (and spell it wrong half the time) and internal plumbing and all manners of things that are just entirely inappropriate for me to discuss on facebook.  Nor did about half of these posts make absolutely no sense at all

And if I had, I certainly would well remember the conversation and would not, almost a week later, read through it and be completely horrified that I posted such details.

And then I wouldn't laugh at myself and instantly write this blog post in my mind.

So yeah ... someone take it upon themselves as a ministry to people having surgery to just quietly slip in to their hospital rooms and remove their phones for their own good.  I promise you, the patient will thank you later.  So will all of the people who really don't want conversations about catheters all over their facebook walls!

(And I can see from my call history that I had a couple of conversations with people ... conversations that I can't remember AT ALL.  If you happen to be one of those people, and I completely overshared with you ... please either erase it from your mind or NEVER EVER SPEAK OF IT, and since I can't remember at all, we'll just call it good and move on.)

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