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Starfish and More

So what is a cnidarian? How about an echinoderm? Any volunteers for molluscs? This year we have been studying animals for science, starting with mammals then birds and so forth. Last week saw us learning some fascinating detail about shells, starfish, sea anemones, coral, sponges, sea cucumbers and other interesting marines creatures.

While we were visiting my parents-in-love on Sunday I went to a local beach for an hour or so in search of some fresh air and sea life. All six girls were eager to come with me.

With cameras and plastic bags we set off on our adventure.

The rock pools yielded many treasures for those knew what to look for.

Sea urchin hiding between rocks

First starfish found, still under water.

We were all amazed at how stiff these little starfish are, something we would never have known without holding one.

Check out their magnificent underside! The hole in the middle is their mouth. Let me quote to you from our science text (God's Design for Life: The World of Animals p117).

"Starfish eat clams and oysters. A starfish will use its legs to pry open a clam shell.
 It only needs to open the shell a little bit. Then it sticks its stomach out through its mouth 
and into the shell. It can then digest the clam while it is still in its shell."

As you can imagine the children thought this was pretty amazing.

Back into the water where they belong

Sea slug

We had a wonderful time, heading home with a treasure trove of seaside beauties. The very next day we had the pleasure of exploring another nearby beach, finding even more starfish and enjoying lovely blue skies and even a bit if whale watching.

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