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The Bahamas...March 2011
Dan and I went to the Bahamas in March. We went to the same place in the Bahama's a few years ago with Taun and Rob and our respective families. It was such a refreshing trip and I am so thankful that Dan's Mom and Dad were willing to take our crew of ladies for a week!
I started reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp the first day we arrived (or maybe even on the flight there...)  This book is amazing but every sentence is a work of art and a meal to digest so I could not finish it on a holiday. 
 The view of our island (Spanish Wells) from the ferry that we took to Harbour Island.
 We used bikes to tour Harbour Island like a good Dutch couple should!  It was a blast!!!
 Just the view from the restaurant that we ate at...:O)  Can you imagine!!!
  While we were touring a funeral procession went by-it was more like a parade with dancing and a band!  The man leading the procession held a stick and he poked people who didn't move along properly.
Dan fishing from a boat that we had access to.  There were no life jackets or a paddle on board...we mentioned this to a local and she laughed at us and said "all you need is a pair of 'flippas' " -Apparently if you have engine trouble and get stuck in the middle of now where (which we did) all you need is a pair of flippers to use while you swim and push your boat to shore...We ended up sitting in the blistering sun on the open ocean for about an hour and finally another boat came past.  Just as they were about to pull us to shore our engine decided to work again.
Golf cart to get around the island...
Morning beauty...normally I do not get up early but I was sick so instead of trying to sleep I grabbed the camera and tried to catch the sunrise...
On our last day there a fellow Canadian (from Quebec) caught a Lemon Shark...at the beach we had been swimming at...not to worry though-it was only his third shark in about four days and Lemon Sharks are harmless.  I did not know that there were 'safe' sharks out there...did you?!  I will not believe it!
Dan and Don posing with sharkie while I panicked.
Oh, yes, friendly indeed!
Now there's a happy shark face!

 The End...and Sharkie did not eat us or these pics would not be here! :O)

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