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Happy Geese

This week it was time to cut more fabric for my ongoing quilt project. Beginning to lack motivation, I decided to add a bit more zing to the combination with these happy brights from my stash. Each strip is 2 1/4" wide.

Many more geese later.....I have sewn about 500 in total so far, nearly enough for the large centre panel of the queen-sized quilt.

 This photo above shows how the geese are to be arranged according to the pattern in Sarah Fielke's book.
Below shows a different idea. I like the bottom arrangement but....mmm..... I think I DO like the top one best. Looks like I have more decision to make yet. The finished panel will be set on point/angle. Any suggestions????

My ironed geese are still stored neatly in counted bundles. I don't have a design wall or sewing room and with so many pieces I'm not sure about trying a temporary one - I would hate for the wind or a child to send all the geese flying! In the past I have used our large dining room table, but this will be too large for that. I guess I'll have to work out a solution soon, maybe working two rows at a time on the table.

You can see the quilt design above and the cherry fabric. This week I decided to set aside the green leaf fabric (from my stash) for the binding, when I eventually get to that point. Still pondering the back too..... I've never attempted such a large quilt. I think the actual quilting will also prove a challenge on my 26 year old domestic machine. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Update 9th July: Thank you so very much for you kind and encouraging words. I am now decided the zig-zag arrangement (above) is "best". When I first this quilt from Sarah's book I loved how the centre panel appeared to be like glimmering treasures or jewels. I had become so accustomed to enjoying each of the individual fabrics that it took a few hours to step back and try to appreciate afresh the overall effect. Shimmering, jewelled zig-zags it is!

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